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What is Kybella®?

Kybella is the first and only FDA approved non-surgical treatment for reduction of stubborn fat under the chin area. It is indicated for people suffering from moderate to severe neck fullness or double chin appearance who do not wish to undergo invasive surgery like liposuction, but wish to still achieve reduction of fat and better chin profile

How does Kybella® work?*

Kybella is made from Deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies and it is responsible for breakdown of fat cells (lipids). It is a cytolytic drug which disrupts fat cell membranes by a mechanism called lysis, aka cell burst.

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Will I have loose skin after Kybella® Treatment?

Younger patient usually do not have any residual skin laxity since their skin already has good tone. For Older patient whose skin is a little loose , after Kybella treatment, their skin usually gets tighter, but in case there will be small residual area of loose skin under chin, Dr. Avaliani can offer a treatment combination with Ultherapy, the one and only non invasive FDA approved skin tightening device.

How do I prepare before my treatment?

One should not consume any alcoholic beverages at least 48 hours before the treatment. If you are taking Aspirin for medical concerns, please consult with your medical provider first, if it would be okay to stop it one week before your treatment.

How is the procedure performed?

Dr. Avaliani will mark the treatment area first. She will then thoroughly clean and disinfect the skin and apply a stencil treatment guide to the area to be injected. The amount of injection sites will depend largely on individual’s anatomy and the size of the area to be treated.

How long does the procedure take?

It usually takes 15-20 min. The procedure is performed under sterile conditions and Dr. Avaliani is one of very few physicians in New York to offer direct vessel visualization using a special light (AccuVein) to help avoid injecting into a small vessel or a vein, therefore reducing any chance of potential bleeding or bruising.

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What are contraindications to Kybella® treatment?
Presence of an active skin infection at the site of potential injection site is an absolute contraindication to receiving your treatment.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the procedure will be determined at the time of your evaluation. Dr. Avaliani will apply a treatment grid and explain to you the amount of product that will need to be used in the treatment area. The cost of the treatment directly correlates with the amount of product to be used.

Dr. Avaliani completely understands that this treatment is highly desirable amongst many young professionals who might not be able to afford it and she gladly offers CareCredit option to who who qualify for this non invasive and life changing treatment.

How long is the downtime after the treatment?

There is virtually no downtime after this procedure and patients may return right back to their regular duties. Most often, patients choose to have this procedure performed at the end of the workday or before the weekend and Dr. Avaliani has office hours to accommodate those time slots.

What are the most common adverse effects after the treatment with Kybella?

The most common side effects reported were swelling, pain, bruising, bleeding, numbness, redness and tenderness to touch. The most significant and discomforting side effect was swelling , which can become significant, but the swelling is a sign of the product working and actively reducing those fat cells. There is no reliable way to predict the individual change of developing swelling, but generally younger individuals with firmer skin tone develop less swelling compared to older individuals, who have less skin elasticity and can afford to accommodate more swelling. The amount of swelling is usually the greatest after your first treatment, and usually minimal to none occurs at the second or even third treatment visit.

What is Kybella satisfaction rate?

An outstanding 79% of patients treated with Kybella reported satisfaction with their appearance in face and neck contour and also reported looking younger *

*Results and duration of effect may vary, no guaranty of specific results can be given. Degree of side effects may vary, for full disclosure please read consent for the procedure before your treatment.

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